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I can't get my dad to change his clothes and he is still refusing to bathe, he makes me so angry, can you help?

When we have a clear understanding of why we are witnessing the behaviors and what your father is experiencing, we can then develop a plan, share techniques and training to equip you and the family. The purpose of the Home Discovery Meeting is to do a complete review of your challenges and get a clear picture of where your dad is within the GEMS framework. 

What should I do when my wife asks to go home and we have lived in this house for 30 years?

The memory is formed in layers and if you can peel pack the layers of time to find his or her time zone, then you can share stories of that home – whether it be on the ranch 50 years ago or military life 30 years ago.

When everyday tasks are becoming too difficult to do together...

As the dementia gets bigger, the greater the need for you to seek support or help. Build in time away to recharge and take care of your own needs.

Why does my mother, in a care home, summon the staff constantly and needlessly with her bell?

Why is she so persistent? Every time she rings the bell a smiley face comes and says “hello” – She was lonely.

ACTION: When staff pass her room and say “hello” every time
RESULT: the bell stopped ringing

How do I deal with my husband’s hallucinations?

Approach on the dominant side, listen for details, and be sure to assure the situation will be taken care of so they know they are being taken seriously. During conversation, talk about different topics, walk to another location.

What do I do when my father doesn’t recognize me?

Even though this can leave you feeling sad and angry, your loved one will still benefit emotionally from feeling special and loved.

How do I communicate with my mother in late stage dementia?

At this stage, your loved one will probably be bed-bound, sleeping a lot, little communication, and unable to express needs. Take time to assess the person, try and anticipate their emotional and physical needs. Use a gentle, soothing voice with rhythm in speech and movement. Be ready to connect in that 30 second moment of togetherness.



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