How We Can Help.

Initial Phone Consultation

Schedule your FREE phone call or virtual (Zoom) consultation to learn more about Trublu and to talk with a Dementia Care Specialist so we can gain an understanding of the unique challenges you are facing in order to provide the right dementia care for you and your loved one.

Home Consultation

Have a Dementia Care Specialist come visit your loved one to assess their home environment and dynamic to understand the individual behavioral challenges unique to them. During this meeting we will identify where your loved one is in the disease and how best to support them to make sure they are healthy, happy and purposeful.

What you will receive from the Home Consultation:

After assessing your loved one, our specialist will provide you with a comprehensive report and care plan including:

  • Strategies to implement and to avoid.

  • An understanding of your loved one's unmet needs, both emotional and physical.

  • Personalized dementia literature provided to family and care partners.

  • Guidance on how to best arrange the home environment or community.

  • Agreed action-based care plan for care partners to immediately improve the challenges faced.

Other Trublu Services

  • Activity Planning for people living with dementia, based on how to fill the day with meaning.

  • Long distance phone consultations for out of state family members to provide updates and information.

  • Extensive training for family members and care team, delivered in community or at home.

  • Act as dementia consultant for your loved one in a facility, providing on site visits and review of care plan to ensure safety, happiness and that purpose exits for your parent.

  • Support with end of life care and letting go.

  • Assistance finding the best community or facility for your loved one, based on ability and budget.

  • Training for challenging dementia cases and how to cope with these changes and support planning.

Take the First Step

Find out if trublu is the right step for you. Every case is unique so let us tailor a plan for you and your loved one.


"After meeting with Cheryl, her passion to help dementia patients and their caregivers is obvious. You see and feel it from the moment you chat with her. Her extensive experience and training make her a perfect match for your dementia journey."

~ Jennifer E.

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