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What to Expect

Telephone conversation with Cheryl Doyle to gather facts and gain understanding of situation and who is involved.

Before Consultation

  1. Gather all personal history and preferences

  2. Identify the great challenges for PLWD and caregiver

  3. Complete dementia behavioral review, of your loved one living with dementia

  4. Teepa snow GCM state evaluation

  5. Agree action-based care plan together – how you can impact their life and your relationship immediately

During at Home Consultation

  1. Personalized dementia literature provided to family and care partners (i.e. sundowners, lewy body disease

  2. Guidance on how to arrange the home environment to support your loved one living with dementia at home

  3. Long-distance telephone conferences for out-ot-state family member – keeping up-to-date on progress

  4. Dementia consultation results are emailed to family

    • Detailing information on your GCM giving you strategies to avoid and strategies to succeed

    • Confirm action-based care plan

  5. Agree to next home visit

After First Home Visit

Take the First Step

Find out if trublu is the right step for you. Every case is unique so let us tailor a plan for you and your loved one.


"After meeting with Cheryl, her passion to help dementia patients and their caregivers is obvious. You see and feel it from the moment you chat with her. Her extensive experience and training make her a perfect match for your dementia journey."

~ Jennifer E.