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How Can Trublu Help You?


Dementia Guidance for Families and Friends

Do you have a loved one that is diagnosed with Dementia? Are you and your family looking for someone to help you figure out your new normal? Are you a son or daughter just trying to keep your head above water?


Book with a Trublu Dementia Specialist to discover behaviors and practices that facilitate the healthiest dynamics for your loved one throughout their Dementia Journey. Family and friends are a support team to a person living with Dementia. The support team is an important asset that needs to be on the same page regarding care and responsibilities.


In-Home or Virtual Dementia Consultancy

Do you have a loved one with specific behavioral challenges or daily difficulties that leave you feeling helpless? Would you like an assessment of your loved one's pain points and personalized solutions?

Booking an In-Home consultancy will allow for a Trublu Specialist to observe your loved one's daily environment. After gaining insight into the stage of Dementia your loved one is in and observing their behavior and actions during the consult, a Specialist will develop a personalized care plan for your loved one. Follow-Ups will be conducted after the initial consult.

Take the First Step

Find out if trublu is the right step for you.

Every case is unique so let us tailor a plan for you and your loved one.


"After meeting with Cheryl, her passion to help dementia patients and their caregivers is obvious. You see and feel it from the moment you chat with her. Her extensive experience and training make her a perfect match for your dementia journey."

~ Jennifer E.

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