How We Can Help.

Initial Consultation

Would you like to have a free 30 minute telephone or virtual (Zoom) conversation with a consultant?

If you find yourself confused about your next step or just want to talk with a Dementia consultant please contact us to schedule your initial consultation so we can gain an understanding of the challenges you are facing and how trublu can work for you.

At Home or Virtual Consultation

Already know your next steps or your Dementia care needs? Take this next step to have a consultant meet with you in-depth, at home or during a virtual (Zoom) consultation to assess the environment and understand the individual behavioral challenges with dementia care.

Our consultant will identity where your loved one is in the dementia disease by using the "GEMS State Model" instead of numbers- signifying that every person no matter their stage is precious and unique with each state requiring different levels of care and communication.  We focus on what they can do and what makes them happy and purposeful.  

After the Home or Virtual Consultation All Clients Will Have:

Wondering what the At Home or Virtual Consultation will give you?


After fully assessing the environment and individual, out consultant will provide a thorough "GEMS State Model" assessment and summary for your loved one that will provide you: 

  • Strategies to both succeed and to avoid in order to have the relationship you seek with your loved one.

  • An understanding of your loved one's unmet needs, both emotional and physical.

  • Personalized dementia literature provided to family and care partners.

  • Guidance on how to arrange the home environment or community to support someone living with dementia.

  • Agreed action-based care plan for care partners to immediately improve the challenges faced.

Other Services Available

  • Activity Planning for the individual to have a meaningful and purposeful day

  • Creation of activities for people living with dementia, based on how to fill the day with meaning.

  • Long distance telephone or virtual conferences for out of state family member, ideal for progress update, follow up support and information

  • Training for family members and care team, delivered in community or in home.

  • Act as dementia consultant for your loved one in a facility, providing on site visits and review of care plan to ensure safety, happiness and that purpose exits for your parent.

  • Support with end of life care and letting go.

  • Assistance finding the best community for your loved one, based on ability and budget.

  • Challenging Behaviors in Dementia Care; how to cope with these changes and support planning.

Take the First Step

Find out if trublu is the right step for you. Every case is unique so let us tailor a plan for you and your loved one.


"After meeting with Cheryl, her passion to help dementia patients and their caregivers is obvious. You see and feel it from the moment you chat with her. Her extensive experience and training make her a perfect match for your dementia journey."

~ Jennifer E.

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