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Cheryl is very knowledgeable about dementia and she will be able to assist families to better understand the different stages and how they should approach their love one. 

- Debbie P.

Cheryl Doyle is very knowledgeable about the dementia process and how to best approach a person who has dementia. She is a certified trainer and can train your staff or consult individually.

- Florance J.

Cheryl is caring and compassionate. Her experience in this area is a jewel in the rough! I am so glad that she is creating such a wonderful bridge for those in need of her service!

- Carley P.

- Charles G.

I would highly recommend Cheryl to any caretaker who would benefit from dementia care training. She is experienced and compasonate. She is dedicated to this increasingly important area of healthcare training.

After meeting with Cheryl, her passion to help dementia patients and their caregivers is obvious. You see and feel it from the moment you chat with her. Her extensive experience and training make her a perfect match for your dementia journey.

- Jennifer E.

Cheryl personally helped me plan my Mom's care. When Mom was diagnosed with dementia, life changed significantly for everyone in our family. Cheryl was the expert who, because of her knowledge and skill, quickly became a superhero to our family!

- Julia R.

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