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Dementia Caregivers: Learn From Home

Who says online education and training is just meant for primary or secondary education? Now more than ever we are seeing the benefit of at-home classes and learning for those of all ages. Whatever the reason for the circumstance of needing to take classes from your own home, virtual learning is a convenient avenue for those looking to improve technical skills and grow from baseline knowledge to someone who confidently understands the bigger picture. Look no further, virtual training for Dementia Caregivers and loved ones to those living with Dementia wanting to understand the bigger picture and how to support their loved one is here and waiting for you to participate!

As the amount of time we spend at home working or spending time with our families is increasing, the realizations that we've been too busy to notice are too. Maybe you've realized that the dynamic between yourself and your parent living with Dementia isn't the quality you'd like, maybe you've realized your loved one living with Dementia needs a different approach to care than what they're currently receiving or maybe you've realized that you, yourself, could benefit from understanding more about the disease that has impacted your loved one. Whatever your reasoning for wanting to grown and learn about the interworking of a Dementia Diagnosis- we have the answer.

Trublu has launched "Care Partner Support Series" to help families and Care Partners of those living with Dementia to better understand the Dementia process, proper Caregiver practices and guidance on how to balance the weight of a parent, grandparent or friend receiving a Dementia diagnosis. This series is held virtually to accommodate the lifestyle and circumstance of most participants in the series and encourages the inclusion of your care team or immediate family members that also have a desire to learn and understand the disease. Trublu offers many series throughout the year at varying times to make sure everyone has the opportunity to participate. Trublu's main goal is to improve the care that people with dementia receive and the quality of the relationships with their loved ones. Offering families the ability to understand what is happening to the brain of their loved one living with Dementia and how to best approach and connect with them.

If you would like to learn more or register for the series, please go to Trublu is here to guide, educate and build confidence for those involved in the Dementia Journey. To learn more about other Trublu services, visit or call (918) 808-7939 today.

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