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"Dementia does not rob someone of their dignity. It's our reaction to them that does" -Teepa Snow

Can you relate to these common dementia challenges?

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  • I need help creating workable solutions. Read More

  • How do I communicate with my mother? Read More

  • Is anxiety a symptom of Dementia? Read More

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About Us

trublu was established in 2018 with a primary goal to improve the care that people with dementia receive. Offering families the ability to understand what is happening to the brain of their loved one living with dementia and how to best approach and connect with them.


PAC Certified Consultant and Trainer

Cheryl became a certified Trainer and Consultant with Teepa Snow’s internationally renowned Positive Approach to Care in 2018 and then launched her own company trublu Dementia Consultancy.   The primary goal of trublu is to improve the care people living with dementia receive.  Cheryl teaches professional and family caregivers how to communicate effectively, learning how to identify the unmet physical and emotional needs of their loved one living with dementia.

Cheryl brings more than 10 years of experience in providing the right level of care for seniors living with dementia.  Cheryl owned and operated Senior Helpers in Tulsa for 9 years providing licensed home care to families in Oklahoma.

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"Cheryl personally helped me plan my Mom's care. When Mom was diagnosed with dementia, life changed significantly for everyone in our family. Cheryl was the expert who, because of her knowledge and skill, quickly became a superhero to our family!"

~ Julia R.

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