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Dementia Consultation and Training

At trublu we are passionate about family and care partners having the education to provide  “Just the right care and setting”  for people living with dementia.

"Until there's a cure there's care" -Teepa Snow

Welcome to trublu, a Consulting and Training company. Our purpose is to help you and your family or business understand the issues for people living with dementia. 

Our experts will partner with you and develop tailor-made skills to situations brought on by this condition. 

Using Teepa Snow's Positive Approach to Care method, we are Independent Certified Trainers and Consultants working Tulsa.

Our Services

Positive Outcomes

at Home

We will help to identify challenging behaviors and create action-based plans to build a relationship with the person living with dementia.


Positive Outcomes

in Facilities

Working in tandem with the educational targets, your staff will be assessed while working with PLWD and their challenging behaviours.


"Cheryl personally helped me plan my Mom's care. When Mom was diagnosed with dementia, life changed significantly for everyone in our family. Cheryl was the expert who, because of her knowledge and skill, quickly became a superhero to our family!"

~ Julia R.

Interested in Learning How we can Help you?

Just give us a call!  We would welcome a conversation about your unique situation with your loved one who has Dementia.

About Us

trublu was established in 2018 with a primary goal to improve the care that people with dementia receive. Offering families the ability to understand what is happening to the brain of their loved one living with dementia and how to best approach and connect with them.


Teepa Snow PAC  Trainer and PAC Consultant

Cheryl, a native of England, moved to Tulsa in 2001 and has developed a Caring, Humble, Team-Based Problem-Solving style centered around Action and Results.

With over 20 years of leadership experience building Successful and dynamic teams, Cheryl is passionate about providing Stellar Customer Service.

Cheryl, completed the 'Leadership Tulsa' program in 2017, has over 9 years of Licensed Home Care Agency Executive experience. Cheryl is a 12-year tenured Human Resource Professional.​

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Find out if trublu is the right step for you. Every case is unique so let us tailor a plan for you and your loved one.